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turn off automatic screen sharing doesn't work

even if i turn off the "automatic start Screen sharing"-Options in my blizz Settings, everytime i start a meeting the screen sharing is on. could this be a bug in the latest release (13.3.3342) Best Regards Patrick
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Posted by Blizz Staff
Blizz Staff

Re: turn off automatic screen sharing doesn't work

Dear Patrick, 

Are you using the new interaface? If you turn off the option "Auto start screen sharing" you will notice that when you start a meeing you see an orange frame around it. This means that your screen is not being shared and therefore your meeting turns into a Video Conference or a call.

If you decide to share your screen spontaneously within the Video Conference you can always press the icon next to your camera option in the lower menu.

The main indicator of whether or not your screen is being shared is the color of the frame around your meeting. 

Let us know if you need any further assistance. 

Best =)