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Posted by Community Manager
Community Manager

Linux v13.1.8286 (Full) - Change Log

We released a new version of the Linux full version

Operating system: Linux

Version: 13.1.8286 (Full)

Release date: 2018-06-06

Change Log:

  • Computer & Contacts: Computers, Contacts and Groups can now be added, edited and deleted
  • Computer & Contacts: show shared groups icons
  • Remote Control: Windows authentication is now supported
  • Remote Control: middle mouse button is now supported
  • Remote Control: added session recorder
  • Remote Control: added session chat (toolbar / supporter side)
  • Remote Control: added direction change
  • Remote Control: added quality controls
  • Remote Control: added scaling controls
  • Remote Control: added fullscreen mode
  • Remote Control: added disabling of wallpaper
  • Remote Control: added disabling of input
  • Remote Control: added disabling of screen
  • Remote Control: added selection of remote screen
  • Remote Control: show remote screens in separate windows
  • Remote Control: toggle "lock on session end"
  • Session Player: added toolbar
  • Fixed: password of previous sessions is now remembered
  • Fixed: Emojis are now properly inserted in Chat
  • Fixed: show account license information in About dialog
  • Fixed: High CPU usage on some systems from panel icon animation
  • Fixed: UI glitches and minor issues

More information can be found here: [Update: 13.1.8286] June Update - more & better

Change logs of previous versions can be found here: