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[Linux] v14.2.2558 (Full) - Change Log

We released a new version of the Linux full version

Operating system: Linux

Version: 14.2.2558  (Full)

Release date: 2019-03-19

Change Log:

  • Script execution is now also possible on a remote Linux machine. The necessary scripts can be uploaded in the Management Console. 
  • With a new access control for script execution for incoming sessions that can be rolled out via policies in the Management Console, the permissions can be set granular.
  • Improved the way how TeamViewer handles CTRL keys in combination with other programs
  • Fixed a bug that caused a decreased remote control performance when connecting to macOS devices where TeamViewer is configured as start with the system
  • Fixed a bug that caused screen artifacts when resizing a video during the remote control session
  • Fixed a bug that caused Num-Lock state being set on the remote device within a TeamViewer connection when using non-numpad keys
  • Solved some other issues which caused crashes
  • Minor improvements and fixes

And of course all updates from the TeamViewer 14 release:

Change Logs Linux

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Posted by konz

Re: Linux v14.2.2558 (Full) - Change Log

After upgrading my Linux TV.2558 I'm no longer able to remotely access the desktop on any Linux desktops having this version.  I can get logged in, but my local cursor doesn't work on the remote Linux TV.2558 desktop.  I downgraded to TV.18533 which seems to have remedied the issue.

Posted by FloPpo

Re: Linux v14.2.2558 (Full) - Change Log

Hi Konz,

This version is a bit of a nightmare..  I have around 60 raspberry and both have the same issue.....

On my side TV doesn't launch so i just can't access the desktop :( I never had this kind of problem before.

How did you manage to get the 14.1.18533 back ? 


Thanks a lot !

Posted by konz

Re: Linux v14.2.2558 (Full) - Change Log

I have Ubuntu 16.04 xenial installed and I rant this at the command prompt:

sudo apt-install teamviewer=14.1.18533


Posted by FloPpo

Re: Linux v14.2.2558 (Full) - Change Log

Hi Konz, Thanks a lot for your reply ! :) This command doesn't work on raspberry . I have put an older version of teamviewer and blocked the updates for the moment !

Have a nice day :)