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[macOS] v15.0.24 (Full) - Change Log

We released a new version of the macOS full version

Operating system: macOS

Version: 15.0.24 (Full)

Release date: 2019-11-27

Change Log:

Please note that this is the release of a new major version. It is only possible to connect to a remote device with this version if your local device is using the same version or higher.


  • Improved quality for audio transmission within a remote control connection and within a TeamViewer meeting.

  • Simplified and clearer choices in the Advanced Options to define the automatic update behavior of the client.

  • Improved keyboard behavior: 'alt' key stays not activated anymore after entering "@" from a Mac keyboard.

  • Improved error handling when trying to access a restricted folder during a file transfer.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug which prevented the toolbar to be shown on connections to iOS devices.

  • Fixed a bug with maintaining Accessibility rights during the update from TeamViewer version 14.x.xxx to version 15.0.
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3 Replies
3 Replies
Posted by contrawise

Re: [macOS] v15.0.24 (Full) - Change Log

Since this version auto-installed, one of my malware programs posted the following.
It is blocking: TeamViewer_service.  Is this change something I need to be concerned about? :

wants to connect to router4.teamviewer.com
The program has been modified!
Previously, the program had the identifier “$(PRODUCT_BUNDLE_IDENTIFIER)”, but now it’s “com.teamviewer.Daemon”. This probably means that the developer renamed the program in an update. But please inspect the names! If a process has been replaced with a script interpreter such as Python, its rules may be hijacked by a script virus".  

Posted by H3144-IT

Re: [macOS] v15.0.24 (Full) - Change Log

Why is this Version numbered this way?

The Previous Version was 15.0.8397 from Nov. 19th 2019

For my Point of View 15.0.24 should be older than 15.0.8397

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Re: [macOS] v15.0.24 (Full) - Change Log

Hi H3144-IT,

Good eyes, you are absolutely correct.

This was done intentionally.
As noted in the bug fixes, we had an issue when users updated to 15.0.8397 where the accessibility rights were being revoked on update.
For this reason, we removed update 15.0.8397 from our update server.

Update v15.0.24 is identical to 15.0.8397 except with this issue resolved.

Because users who were already updated to 15.0.8397 gain no benefit from v15.0.24 (As once the accessibility is removed, it can only be put back on manually), the version number was set lower so that those on 15.0.8397 are not updated again for no reason.

By the next update we will be again back in sequence.

I hope this answers your question.

Best regards,