Star Wars Day: Remoting into a Galaxy Far, Far Away

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May the fourth is Star Wars Day. And, believe it or not, TeamViewer could be a game changer for either side.

Since 1977, the Star Wars franchise continues to amaze its fans with great characters, intriguing stories and state-of-the-art cinematic craftsmanship.

Only a few years ago, May fourth became a day for fans to celebrate their favorite space saga, along with May fifth (because both dates serve for some rather obvious puns about the Force and the Sith).

I guess nobody will be surprised when I tell you that we have tons of Star Wars fans here at TeamViewer. In fact, we as a company even watched the latest two movies in the cinema together!

We’ve probably all had those discussions after a science-fiction movie, where we talk about how the one side could have used this and that technology to get the upper hand on the opposition.

While these observations are valid often enough, obviously a movie wouldn’t be much fun anymore if it ended after five minutes because someone had a good idea.

However, when working with the world’s leading remote access software on a daily basis, you can’t avoid imagining how the availability of TeamViewer would change the course of events in Star Wars.

Freeing Capacities and Maintaining Space Stations

As you know, technology is an important and omnipresent topic in Star Wars.

Space ships in indefinite variations, deflector shield systems, holograms… the list goes on and on.

But have you ever wondered how they maintain all those devices and machinery?

Admittedly, I’m sure there are tons of different droids that take care of repair jobs to a certain degree. On the other hand, they can’t possibly do every job on their own – also, even those repair droids need maintenance.

And that’s why I think TeamViewer would make a huge difference for the rebels, the empire, or any other organization from Star Wars for that matter.

The rebels, for example, would profit greatly from remote support.

Mostly dependent on volunteers and due to their very limited resources, the rebels need every bit of efficiency optimization they can get.

Red Five, your X-wing’s target detection doesn’t work in the middle of a space siege? Hang in there, it’ll only take one minute.

The Empire hacked our shields? I’ll save the station by rebooting the machine with only one click.

Just like that, fewer rebel technicians could get much more done and therefore their comrades on the battlefield could put up a better fight – just think about the additional workforce they could use in other positions!

The same goes for the Empire. While TeamViewer wouldn’t possibly support the dark side, they could surely use the software.

Take the Death Star alone: it’s a battle station the size of a small moon! How many technicians would it even take to maintain that thing?

If building it didn’t already ruin the Empire financially, the operating costs would have done so for sure.

Well, okay… they actually even built a second Death Star, but you get the point, right?

The Upper Hand with TeamViewer You Get

In summary, we think that TeamViewer could make many lives in the world of Star Wars easier.

Endless trips to the other side of a giant station wouldn’t be necessary. Instead, rebel IT experts could be remote heroes by working more efficiently.

But what about our remote heroes in this galaxy and time?

Do you have any interesting thoughts about IT problems in Star Wars? Let’s get the discussion going in the comment section below!