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TeamViewer moved to a new data center. Learn about all the benefits of TeamViewer’s master move.

As some of you might have noticed, TeamViewer recently moved to a new data center.
The master move took place from the night of the 8th until the early morning of the 9th of April and, fortunately, we were able to make it within four instead of the proclaimed eight hours.

But why was that master move done in the first place?

At TeamViewer, we’re putting much effort into making our services as reliable and secure as possible, because both our users and we ourselves expect only the highest standards.

And the data center we’re running our services on is a factor of the upmost importance in fulfilling those standards.

Because some of you showed interest in our new data center, I’ll summarize the most interesting infos for you today.

The partner we decided to work with is German provider e-shelter. Let’s have a look at their data center Frankfurt1, where TeamViewer is running.

e-shelter Frankfurt1 – Among the Most Secure Data Centers

So, what are the reasons that compelled us to work with e-shelter?

Firstly, e-shelter is a German provider that therefore adheres the strict German data protection and security standards. The great thing is that every TeamViewer user benefits from that – no matter where you are located.

Interestingly enough, e-shelter also only occupies their own staff instead of outsourcing areas like security or maintenance work to other companies. You could say every person on their sites is committed to keeping the data center up and running.

The 54.000 sqm campus Frankfurt1 site, owned by e-shelter and simultaneously their main site, is Europe’s largest individual data center.

Furthermore, Frankfurt1 is completely built with redundancy in mind. And because of that, their service runs by tier IV principles.

For those of you who are not familiar with the meaning of redundancy or the different tiers I to IV, here’s the short version:

Redundancy refers to the fact that systems like the power supply always have a fallback system.

While they have a “Power supply at 110 kV-level from two substations from two separate feeds”, e-shelter is also one of the few data centers with its “own substation with three 110/20 kV transformers”.

In addition to that, e-shelter also has “two separate UPS (uninterruptible power supply) systems […] as well as redundant emergency power system with diesel generators” among others.

The principle of redundancy applies to various other systems too, so e-shelter can guarantee maximum uptime of their services.

That’s why I mentioned the term “tier IV” before. e-shelter has redundant systems in place that ensure the availability of electricity, the functioning of environmental controls and 24/7 security.

Of course the data center itself is equipped with the latest hardware, too.

Moreover, e-shelter also fulfills the requirements of the ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certificates as well as the swiss FINMA compliance, attesting their standards of quality management and information security management.

Where Does TeamViewer Announce Service Outages?

In spite of all of our efforts, some of you might not have noticed our announcements concerning the master move.

While we don’t like hearing that a planned service outage caused you any inconveniences, they’re also necessary to provide the best, most stable and most secure service to you.

If you’re not sure how you can learn about any planned service outages, here are some recommendations:

Sticking to the Highest Standards

The master move to e-shelter’s Frankfurt1 data center is a good example for how we at TeamViewer are constantly working on providing the best service possible.

As TeamViewer users, you shouldn’t notice any changes because of the master move – except for that TeamViewer keeps on running smooth and secure –, but I thought you might appreciate the extra peace of mind that we managed to realize for you lately.

Remember to visit the TeamViewer Community, our status page, follow us on social media, or all three of those, to always be up to date and learn about possible planned service outages.

I’m pretty impressed by our new high-tech data center. What do you think about e-shelter’s Frankfurt1 data center? Join the conversation in the comment section below!