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Active Directory Connector: Namebuildung

Hi there,

i tried to get the AD Connector working. But i have a Problem with the naming behavior. The name is set by the "name" Attribute in AD. At our AD, the Name Attribute is like the samAccountName (for Example: schmit_a).

Does someone have correted this to "Givenname" + "sn" or "displayName"?


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Re: Active Directory Connector: Namebuildung

Hello Julian0o,

there are many fields / attributes available for users within Active Directory which can be used for the synchronization with TeamViewer.

The Active Directory Connector (ADC) is written in Windows Powershell, an automation and configuration management framework from Microsoft. The advantage is, everybody can modify / extend the scripts to fullfill the individual needs.

In short, you can just download the ADC here and adapt it.
The interesting function is called "Get-ActiveDirectoryGroupMember", which is part of the file "ActiveDirectory.ps1".

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