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Posted by 24elements

ITbrain backup elasped time to do backup

I am using ITbrain backup and need to know hoe long the backup took (ELASPED TIME).  Where can I find this in ITbrain backup?

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Posted by Former Staff Celestin
Former Staff

Re: ITbrain backup elasped time to do backup

Hello, @24elements

We do not display how long does the backup take,  We display the status on the backup dashboard informing you that the backup is completed, is in progress or it failed. If you triggered a backup and it takes too long please contact our support we will investigate it. 

Thank you 

Posted by ethancampbell

Re: ITbrain backup elasped time to do backup

It fluctuates based on the business. We own a warehouses where out of date is useless to them and the backup budget is very low, so we keep backups for once a day. We have an insurance company that need replicas of everything ever and cannot afford to lose time, for them we have virtual server replication happening every 30 seconds with recovery points every hour for 24 hours. Furthermore, we have a NAS dissertation writing services that we use windows backup to store as many backups as possible daily, on top of that they have a barracuda that stores info going back.