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Delete E-Mails in OST file

I keep getting messages that Teamviewer Endpoint Protection has found a virus in an email stored in an OST-file. Is it possible to delete this infected email from the Management Console as an administrator, or does ist really require remote-access to the device?

Even if I delete the email on the client (we use Exchange Server), the mail remains in the OST-file. Is it possible to delete the email within the OST file without deleting the entire file?

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Re: Delete E-Mails in OST file

Hi @MartinVienna 

OST file is the database of all email folders for Outlook and so it can not be opened just like a simple folder (probably you knew it, but I'm writing it for the rest of the users reading this).

I think that one easy solution to this issue is to install some kind of OST editor (online or offline), but please make sure first to keep one or better two copies of the OST file before the edit.

I hope this idea helps you to proceed.

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