set up premium teamviewer and doesnt work


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set up premium teamviewer and doesnt work

a load of **bleep** , says i have free access but paid for premium , now getting logins from someone external ,being phished. What kind of service is this and if data is hacked I will bring this to our regulator and data commissioner in Europe and elsewhere

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Re: set up premium teamviewer and doesnt work

Hi @eoghainryan 

I am sorry to hear what happened to you.

Please have a look at this article about TeamViewer and Scamming and report what happened to you via this page: Report a scam.

We also highly recommend to use the latest version, as a user who uses an older version are not able to connect to newer versions. Customers with licenses for older versions can use the version they paid for.

We also have some other action in progress for this, but I cannot give specifics.

On top of that please read this reply to get even more information. Let me cite from this reply:

"We strongly recommend that affected victims contact their bank, a consumer protection organization and a trustworthy IT support company. In most cases, the payments that have been made can be refunded by the bank, and any malicious software installed by the callers can be removed by the IT support company. We can also determine and block the TeamViewer ID used by the scammers if we are provided with the victim's ID.

To ensure that it is safe to use your computer again (for example, for online banking), we recommend having it checked by a local IT support company or a person you can trust."

I hope these reply help you.

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