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Posted by trichardsonUSM

Monitoring offline-computers

This may be completely impossible:

I have computers in my university research lab that I use to control various analytical instruments (5 different computers). None of these are connected to the internet, but I would like to remote-monitor or even remote-control them if possible. I am wondering if there is a way to connect these computers to a server/desktop computer which I can then connect to the internet. I would feed the offline-computer screen output to the on-line computer which I could then connect to remotely without compromising the security of my offline computers. Perhaps I could even feed input from the on-line computer to remotely control the offline systems but I could see this being impractical considering the lag between the remote input and the response from the offline computer.

All of these computers are running windows 7. I also have access to a remote server on campus that I typically send GPU jobs to, but I could perhaps hire an IT professional to set up a connection between the server and these off-line computers.