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In the old interface there was a function to be able to export a summary of monitoring and endpoint protection clients.  This was very useful to bill our customers back.  Now in the new interface it seems to be missing.  Can anyone help me find it?

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Hello @klausisinthehou,

Thank you for your post.

It is still possible to export a list of endpoints for TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Tracking and TeamViewer Endpoint Protection.

When you log in to the Management Console, navigate to the Monitoring or Endpoint Protection page on the left side of the screen. On each page, you will see an icon with a computer monitor on it. This is the new icon for 'Manage Endpoints'.2019-01-11 13_17_18-TeamViewer Management Console.png

When you click this button, you will see a list of all the devices in your Computers & Contacts that are currently endpoints for the selected service. You will also see an export button.2019-01-11 13_18_43-TeamViewer Management Console.png

Select this button to download a CSV report of your endpoints. The steps are the same on the TeamViewer Endpoint Protection page of the Management Console as well.

Hope this helps!

Josh P.
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