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Unlisted Device using one of our monitoring End Points

I'm getting e-mails about a computer turning on and off, but it's not listed on our Asset Management page. I look and it says we're using 7/10 end points, but the Asset Management page only lists 6 computer. Any idea what I can do. I know what PC it is and that user believes they might have accidentally (though they can't figure out how) turned it on for their work laptop and that's not supposed to be the case. They aren't admins of our system, so I'm at a loss. We can't see it, he doesn't see any options on his end to turn it off. What do we do? He's uninstalled and reinstalled TeamViewer on that PC, but that doesn't stop it. Thanks, -Joe
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Re: Unlisted Device using one of our monitoring End Points

Hi Groupal,

Thanks for your message.
Please try to uninstall "TeamViewer Monitoring & Asset Management" from your "Programs and Features" list  (from Control Panel)  and then restart the TeamViewer service on the machine which is using your 7rd edpoint. After that everything should be OK. If problem will not be resolved please contact with our technical support. 



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