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Blizz setup problems

Hi. I have a Core license. I use Blizz in a Windows setup.

When I try to start or join a meeting Blizz downloads & starts from a user directory (C:\User\<Username>\Appdata\Roaming\Blizz\..)

Unfortunately our security policies forbid the execution of SW installed in places other tha the usual c:\Programs...directories.

How can I install Blizz in a permanent directory of my choice?

How is the status of the Web Client? This could solve my setup problems.

Thanks in advance

Giuseppe Torlai

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Blizz Staff

Re: Blizz setup problems

Hi Giuseppe,

Blizz does not support installation to your directory of choice. You can use web client http://webclient.blizz.com. It supports only joining to a conference (starting a conference is not supported from web client) and only audio and screen sharing.