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2 Factor deactivation fails

I am another of those users that has had the situation where google authenticator no longer has the necessary data to provide a response key for anything.  Was only using it for 2 services and I am one of the admins for the other service so no dramas there.

With teamviewer however me deactivation code is rejected.  Now I only use the wonderful product that is teamviewer to support faily and friends remotely.  That means no paid support for me, which I get.

I have seen information here on the community that staff from teamviewer will, from time to time see these messages and the resoution is to delete the account.  That solution would be fine for me as I would expect that I can then create a new one with the same email address and all will be good.


  • I had to create a seperate account just to post this.  It is from an email account that I only look at infrequently as it is mostly full of spam.

  • bartlanz
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    I would suggest Messageing a Mod @Jonathan

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