No sound from remote computer, worked previously

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I guess the problem is back again?  I think I have teamviewer updated to the latest version.

I'm running windows 10 with all the latest updates.  I noticed a couple of weeks ago I was getting no sound from any of the 3 computers I am remote managing, even though they worked before.  All 3 computers have normal sound when used stand-alone, and my management console computer is also working fine with sound.  All 3 stopped sending sound at the same time I think.

I have gone through all the settings and turned on everything that has anything to do with audio, and it has not changed anything.  Please help, this is kind of a big issue.


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  • ChristianBailey
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    I'm having the same issue on TeamViewer for MacOS managing a remote Windows 10 PC. But not still not working whether I choose "standard playback device" or any of the speakers.

  • MrAufait
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    Thank You Flensr,

    Who would of figured?

    For those of you whom this does not correct your problem be sure your changing the "standard playback device" setting on the Client side (your locale device used to initiate the remote connection) and not the remote side (supported device). If you use the"standard playback device" setting on the remote device the audio will not cone through as loud.