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COM3 Serial Port Not Working on Windows 10 After Installing Team-viewer.

Hi Team, 
I am facing an issue with the COM 3 Port whenever I installs Team viewer on Windows 10 PC. And if I change the port to some other address like COM 4 or 5 etc then the issue resolves.
The issue is related to my serial port device connected on COM3 whenever I power on/off the PC, PC detects COM 3 not available.And this is happening only when TV is installed on the PC. If I uninstall the TV then I found my device working properly even after many power on/off. But as soon as I reinstalls the TV the same issue arises.
I have tried to rectify this issue by installing TV 10,11 and 12 but could not rectify the issue.
Can you please look into this matter as soon as possible. 

Awaiting your feedback ASAP.

Ajay Gautam


  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    Ajay, have you looked to see what devices are taking control of the serial port? I do alot of work with truck scales which are almost always serial. They are often detected as a Microsoft Serial Ball Mouse. Open your device manager and see if you have a random/extra Serial Ball Mouse.

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    Bart Lanzillotti
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  • AJAY1201
    AJAY1201 Posts: 2

     Hi bartlanz

    The issue persists with port COM3 only. And all other devices are working good. Even the same serial device is working good when the port is changed to COM4 or 5 etc.
    But the issue lying with COM3.
    Please try with COM 3, Win 10, TV installed for your serial device.

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