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i need IP Address or MAC of both Teamviewer sides. are they in the Logfiles?



i sold my computer and it was still connected to my teamviewer account. 

So the guy who bought it used that connection to steal data and transfer some cryptocoins from my laptop at home onto his by the installed app on my laptop.


The Police now needs as many informations as possible to proof that there was a connection between these two computers.

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  • I only found my own MAC in the logfiles. is there anywhere his MAC?

  • Reyhan
    Reyhan Posts: 270 Staff member 🤠

    Hi @SandroCapone

    I like to add one further important information. If you sign in with your account credentials you will see all active logins with your account.

    Please go to edit profile


    Change to tab Active logins and remove our login from this sold computer


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  • Thank you for your help.. 

    i did that. and it worked. pretty easy if somebody knows all this and tells you.

    Thank you!!! :D

  • Hello and Thank you!

    i will send you the logfile and the logfile named logfile.OLD

    please let me know what else do you need!

    just that you know.. from now on its an official police investigation. and they are working on it too. i just want to gather as much information as i can to support them!! 

    thank you!!

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