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AD Sync not working

Hi team

I am trying to run the ADSync script yet when it runs it doesnt seem to go any further:

Starting AD OU Sync...

Ping API...
Request [GET] /api/v1/ping
200 OK
Ping: Token is valid

Reading AD OU members

Get all users...
Request [GET] /api/v1/users?full_list=true
200 OK
Request ok!

I have configured everything I can think of correctly.

any ideas?


  • W_deFazio
    W_deFazio Posts: 22 Staff member 🤠

    Hello scharman , 

    Thank you for your post.

    Is there any error messages coming up at all? Are you using the powershell or python script?

    If you are using the powershell script, one thing to make sure is that you are executing powershell with admin rights. 


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