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Sandbox TeamViewer Corporate account for external developers - what is this?

Hi all,

hi @Esther 

I need to provide an external company a sandbox TeamViewer corporate account, in order they can access TeamViewer API and can develop a custom application for us.

Does anybody know, how to make a sandbox account, so that they don't have access to the whole internal information, which we have in our corporate account? Or is it just a normal TeamViewer account under conditions of our premium license?




  • DomLan
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    Hi @Nuriia,

    I'm trying to make a compendium of all the requests you've made in the API and integrations with third-party software.
    To answer this question, I need to understand what kind of interaction with your TeamViewer account you require.
    Here is part of the TV API documentation, which describes the type of authorization you need to set up to interact with your account: by account I mean your corporate or enterprise license in which all the users enabled by you to use TeamViewer are registered through the channels you have purchased.

    Registering an application in the Management Console
    Before using any API functionality, you need to register an application in the Management Console. When you register the application you have to specify if you want to use it for your own account only (private ap-plication, also referred to as “Script”) or if you want to create an application to be used by any TeamViewer user (public application, also referred to as “App”). In both cases you also specify if the application will have access to the data of one single account or to the data of the entire company.


    Domenico Langone
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