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Is it possible to Remotely upgrade from Mac OS El Capitan to Sierra using TeamViewer (unattended)?

I'm looking to remotely upgrade a Mac from OS El Capitan to Sierra. Is it possible to use TeamViwer to do this remotely? I already have unattended access with TeamViewer 12 configured on the Mac.  I'm just currious if I'll be able to complete the process 100% remotely.




  • galfert
    galfert Posts: 2

    Well I've answered my own question. You can't upgrade Mac OS from El Capitan to Sierra using TeamViewer as a remote connection. The problem seems like the upgrade process somehow causes TeamViewer running on the Mac to get a new remote ID login. I've set up unattended access on the Mac and it still didn't work after the upgrade process finishes.

    This was unfortunate. It required the the user keep giving me the new credentials. It seem to change a couple of times after some reboots.


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