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Disconnection at login to Windows 7 target

F1Guy Posts: 3 ✭✭

I have 2 Windows 7 PC's on an local network, same segment.  In this scenerio, the PC I'm using to log in is wired and the 'remote' PC I'm connecting to is wireless on my WiFi network.  Both PC's are configured for Windows 'Secure Login' meaning the start screen is the Ctrl+Alt+Del promt to get to the loging screen.

EVERY time I use the Teamviwer client to connect to the target PC;
1- Select the client and click connect.
2-Type the pre-configured password to connect.
3-It connects and I get to the Ctrl+Alt+Del screen.
4-I click on the Ctrl+Alt+Del option from the Teamviewer menu and the Windows screen with user names appears.
5-I click on the user to login and enter Windows credentials.
6-The Windows begins to log in (blue desktop with spinning circle) and it disconnects.
This disconnect happens every single time I connect and log in.
I have to close the Teamviewer connection screen and start over by selecting the target PC name, login, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Win login and then the target desktop appears and all is well.
In other words, to use TV... I have to log in twice every time.

Can you give me an idea as to why the connection drops or is reset every time I login?  I have searched the Kb and have only seen recommendations to delete and recreate the network profile to make sure 'all users' is selected.  I have several times...


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