Trusted device authorisation email never received

Hi there,

I'm trying to log in to TeamViewer Free on a Windows 10 laptop and have received a message that I need to authorise the computer. I've used that computer many times before with TeamViewer. I'm also prompted when I log into the website from Firefox.

However the authorisation message never arrives in my email. I've checked my junk mail folder, although junk mail is disabled on that account so nothing should go there anyway. I've waited hours and no message has come through.

How can I get the authorisation message, or request it be resent?

I don't have two-factor enabled so I believe I'm stuck needing the authorisation message which never arrives.

Note - it is NOT for the email that this community profile is set up with. I had to sign up for another account just to post this and ask for help, because the community page also requires authorisation for a new device ?




  • Gisbourne
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    Yes, I'm having same issue, yet the service status page states that everything is in good order. Initially raised via a colleague, but I have confirmed too.

    Frustrating that there is no contact number for support as with the current pandemic, remote support and configuration of devices is urgent and is holding us back!

  • JeanK
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    Hello @Gisbourne and @aidanw

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    We are currently experiencing issues with sending Trusted device authorisation/password reset emails. Our dedicated team is working on it and it will be fixed as soon as possible.

    We will keep you posted here.

    @Gisbourne you can always contact us by phone via this link: 

    We are sorry for the inconveniences caused.

    Best regards


    Community Manager

  • Gisbourne
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    We're now working around this by using 2FA which seems to work better in any case TBH:

  • 2FA would be ideal, but I can't login to actually turn it on.

    Is someone from TeamViewer able to turn it on for my account without me logging in (assuming my mobile number is on file, not sure if it is)?

    The device authorisation worked fine for *this* email address that I signed up just to be able to post in this community. But my normal email address for TeamViewer that has all my computers on it doesn't receive any device authorisation. It's like TeamViewer's mail server has decided not to route any mail to the [removed by moderator] domain or something.

  • perchadi
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    Hi. We've been having issues with this since the beginning of September. I hope this gets fixed soon!

  • tung38vn
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    I am currently not receiving the login confirmation email

    Although I have added your email to the whitelist and not in spam

  • DRIMobility
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    I continue to have this issue as well. Happened around October 2020 and I was finally able to get an email to trust the device and then convert to using Google Authenticator. Now I am being forced to add another account due to issues coming up with an MDM and Teamviewer integration and again like in 2020, I am not getting the emails. I am told by my mail admin that the emails are not even hitting us at all little alone being blocked or quarantined, etc.

  • William86
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    It's now March of 2024 and my wife never receives confirmation emails. She'll have to establish a second account , using a different email address. - if THAT receives the confirmation.