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TeamViewer 12 Subscription Disadvantages

The subscription price of 600/yearly wouldn’t be crazy if this policy part is out of the terms and conditions “If you cancel your subscription, you can return to V11 and use the license as long as you like.  However, you will not be able to update the license past V11.” And the reason why this affect us are the following:

  1. Once we cancel the subscription, we need to downgrade all the installation in all remote machines from TV2 to TV11, this will be easy is someone in the other side can do it for you or you can stop by and do it yourself, what if not? What if those machines are out of town?
  2. For the customers with TW-full-installation on their computers, they have to uninstall TV12 and install TV11, the best part, we have to deal with the customers and this could be a nightmare, especially if they use TV12 for personal use on their remote machines….. I know, it’s a nightmare!!!
  3. All the unattended remote machine with the TV Host 12, need to be downgrade with TV11 host, you cannot do it by yourself because from TV11 we cannot access TV12, meaning someone in the remote location has to do it, what about if the machines are out of state, and you are the only one authorized to access customer machines (like servers) you must to go to the place and downgrade to TV11, plus, what about if those server are out of town????
  4. And so on….

 I know TeamViewer is a really good remote support tool, and I know for sure there are people like me who are willing to pay, but not with all the disadvantages this subscription plans carry on


  • AllisonL
    AllisonL Posts: 2

    Hello Ricardo,

    Thank you for taking the time to speak with me over the phone yesterday.

    As we discussed, the subscription license provides additional value that is not included with your current Version 11 Premium License.  With the subscription option, you will be able to start using Version 12 immediately, and then also have access to any new features or versions as soon as they are released during your subscription. You will no longer have to worry about version incompatibilities with your customer as you will always have the newest version of TeamViewer with your subscription.

    In addition, you will also gain a license for servicecamp, an all in one ticketsystem/helpdesk that will allow you prioritize, track and manage incoming support requests for your organization, which is not available with your Version 11 Premium license.  We discussed how this will help your organization and provide additional value as your customers will simply email you with their issue, and servicecamp will convert their email to a ticket for your team.

    When we ended our conversation yesterday, you let me know what you will probably migrate your license, but need some additional time to think about it.  I understand that this is an important decision, and I want you to be completely comfortable with the subscription before you move forward with it.  If you have any additional questions and concerns, please call me at 1800-951-4573, option 2.

    Best Regards,

    Allison Loy

  • bartlanz
    bartlanz Posts: 315 ✭✭✭

    I feel your pain on this one. I am on the other side where I keep my TeamViewer Licenses upgraded every year. BUT I work with several vendors who do not... One of them is all the way back at TeamViewer 8 :smileyfrustrated: ...When ever I work with them it is a PITA because they can't connect to my host. It would be nice if there was a policy or setting that would let TeamViewer12 systems have reverse compatablility with older version... Even if it required I say yes at the time of connection.

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    Bart Lanzillotti
    We Do IT USA
    RIMAMCS Posts: 6

    at the end we decided to stay on TeamViewer11, the new features sound great but beside servicescamp we don’t see any "new feature" there are only improvement, and the servicescamp is that kind of things that ones you offer to your clients and they get used to it, you cannot just take it out and tell them you won’t offer that anymore and then, in our case, downgrade their version to TV11, specially in 2 year when you are running TV14.

    This subscription option it is something that ones the get in, get out is impossible, especially when you have a business reputation that you have to keep "5 starts"

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