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Connection lost again and again

Hi there,

the TV connection to my customer is kind of freezed or lost again and again, sometimes the screen is freezing within seconds already. I have to disconnect & connect again. Sometimes then I am getting something like "we detected too many connection retries" - thanks for that. ;) I have V15.10.5C installed, the host is 14.2.8352. It happens with every connection I use (different WIFIs, Phone, ...) Can I find out what's wrong here, before switching to another product?

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  • KarlaR
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    Hi @IngoB 

    Thanks for your message and welcome to the community! ?

    It is important to mention that both (server and host) run the same version. So in this case the update to the latest version needs to be done also to the host. Please update the V15.10.5 on both devices and try again. 

    I hope this information helps ?




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