Comment autosave every 30 seconds, or every change made by user.

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I want to be sure my comments is saved.
I notice that sometimes my comments is disaperaing when my connection is lost.
I and my employers we are very often not in office but in business trip and in such cases we use 3G/4G modems, so there is many situation in which we loss our connection, and we are not able to properly save Comments to sessions.

We would be very hapy if in the same time when Comment will be auto save then, also information about connection start/stop time will be updateded up to date.

We very often have sessions longer then 1 hour in which we solves many clients problems at once. So we will be very happy to new feature which will save comment each time we change them, in time long session, as we changing comment many times before we finally end sessions.


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    By "comments", do you mean the text chat between each end of the session? I also need that to be saved and peristant across sessions, as that's our record of what was said and done, and anything that terminates the session unexpectedly, loses this log.

    Basic logging needs persistence after every change, to record what happened right up to the unexpected moment that logging aims to record. Basic support ethics require both ends of the session to have a record of what was said and done. Put those needs together, and we really do need the chat log to persist beyond the end of the session!

  • mLipok
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    Not chat.

    I mean Comments which you can leave at the end of sessions, but we have a habbit to suplement comments durring a session.

    The problem is that when you have long sesion and you are fixing 10 issues on remote host, then you want to describe it durring a session, then for some reason your internet is dead.... and you lose your comment.

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