How to automatically record remote access session from others to my PC?


How to automatically record incoming TeamViewer remote access session from other device/person to my PC?





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    Hello @dqidz,

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    Unfortunately, due to security reasons, it is not possible to record automatically a session when connecting to a user/device.

    Please note that the request has to be accepted by the user on the remote side. If no confirmation has been given within 30 seconds, the recording request will be cancelled. For more information about how to record a session and how to convert it, please read our dedicated article here: How to convert a recorded TeamViewer session

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    Thanks for your response @JeanK , but I think that's a different case.

    My case is:
    " I have a server that need to be accessed by vendor to do many things like troubleshooting, reporting, etc. I need a log or even will be great if the server can automatically record the *incoming* Team Viewer session to this server. So I have a record of everything that the vendor do and I can evaluate that."
    How can I do that?