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Bug with remote dialog box

This wasn't always an issue but starting in either TeamViewer 11 or 12 I can't work with some remote dialog screens. It is so far mainly dialog boxes popping up from Little Snitch. Before when they popped up you could pick your options and confirm your selection. Not anymore, now it requires someone on the remove computer to do the selection and confirm the pop up dialog from little snitch.

Another problem is being in the finder on the remote Mac and having programs up and switching to them and using Command Q to quit them. Several times this has actually caused TeamViewer to quit which then requires someone to get on the remote Mac and either restart it to auto open teamviewer or have the find it and open the app. In previous versions if you quit TeamViewer it would automatically reopen.

Would be nice to have the option to disable Command Q for remote TeamViewer.


  • fsb
    fsb Posts: 1

    +1 regarding TeamViewer's inability to allow a user to click the Little Snitch dialog boxes. This bug makes TV a non-solution. :(