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move computers between accounts

Good morning. I have a problem with the management console. we started to use for various reasons 2 accounts and now we have some group created by user a and some group created by user b. We shared the groups so everyone can see everything but it's a mess because every group you createyou need to go manually to share the folder. we even have a group called "clientname" in both accounts with half the pcs in one and half in the other so we are trying to move everything to one account.
The problem is that I think it's impossible afaik. from teamviewer gui says I don't have permissions if i try to move a computer from group owned by a to group owned by b says I don't have the permissions while if I try to move it from group b to group a says "the computer is already available in your list". This happens with both accounts. and it's the same from management console. If i enter in the group i own and move to a group i do not own i get "the computer is already in your list" message while if i enter in the group i do not own I don't even have the option to move the computer. I didn't even find a way to remove the pc from a group soI'm stuck. I have almost 100 contacts in a and 100 in b so removing and adding is not a solution..
Is there a way? management console is very very limited btw...