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my Wake on LAN - public ip - does not work

marcoTV Posts: 3 ✭✭

Hi all,

I am configuring some remote PCs.

I should be able to wake up them in case they are down (the offices can be empty...).

I have configured, for the time being, a single PC and I am able to wake up it via LAN (I access remotely to another PC and via this PC I can wake up my target, using a wol.exe application).

The next step is to wake up this PC via internet (if all the PCs f the LAN are down...), and I have enabled "Wake on LAN" on teamviewer:

1. the PC is assigned to my account (I manage it via the Teamviewer console

2. the router has a dynamic public address

3. I enabled port forwarding for UDP 9 to broadcast (

4. I set the dyn ip address on the Wake on LAN configuration on teamviewer

when the PC goes down i see the "Restart" option on teamviewer console, so I guess that my console recognize that the PC is down

but when I click "Restart" nothing happens...where is my mistake? what is missing?

thank you very much for your support!



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