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Service Camp Dying?

Is service camp a service worth getting into, reading posts from various users it seems they arent developing it or fixing issues as they occur. Is this the experience for other users? 


  • Section9
    Section9 Posts: 2 ✭✭

    I am wondering the same question as I am looking to move to another helpdesk application and was really thinking about ServiceCamp. But if this support forum is the pulse of where this application is at it is not very comforting.

  • ITBrent
    ITBrent Posts: 1

    We recently switched from TrackIT to Service Camp. So far, we have not been impressed. Our use is only for an internal help desk, so we don't need much.

    In the short amount of time we have been using it (several months) there were several small outages where we could not sign in. We also run into emails that don't make it into tickets from time to time.

    We are currently looking at other options. Hopefully this helps.