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Audio turns down for some users on Mac - Audio NOT needed for meeting

Hi All!


I'm using TV 15.7.6 on a Mac.  I'm creating a meeting where I ONLY need to share an application without sound.  I'm using TV in tandeum with Cleanfeed for audio.  For some users (all on Mac in various MacOS's from 10.11-10.14) some of their audio dims and turns way down in Cleanfeed when then connect to the TV meeting.  For some this isn't an issue at all, but some have their audio dim.  Almost like it's following the Windows behavior of "turn down by 50% or 80%) for 2 of the 5 in the meeting.  I can't find that preference anywhere in the Mac OS.  Again, I only need to share video of an application with TeamViewer, no sound is required to send in the TV BUT it is affecting the volume on Cleanfeed 

I searched and I've seen parts of this issue, but not this specifically. 

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