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Tensor Security Query

We're currently looking at Tensor to support our 10,000 endpoint devices.

I was wondering what security features the product has to try and avoid missuse. The particular scenario I'm thinking about is an external party discovering we use this product, calling our userbase pretending to be IT support and asking for the partner ID and password.

I know enduser training is the key, but with such a substancial userbase it's easier said than done.




  • JeanK
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    Hello @BraveNewWorld,

    Thank you for your message and welcome to the TeamViewer Community! ?

    Indeed, TeamViewer Tensor has great security capabilities.

    The key-feature to avoid the scenario you just described is Conditional Access. With this powerful security feature set up, you will be able to control every single incoming and outcoming connection in your company environment.

    In other words, you can lockdown the TeamViewer environment/usage inside your network and decide who is authorized to connect to which device. You will also find more information regarding this here: TeamViewer Tensor - Conditional Access 

    To answer your question/concern in a nutshell: With Conditional Access, any external tentative to connect to internal TeamViewer clients will be simply not authorized (even if the external person for some reason knows the ID and pass) with the setup of a rule in the Conditional Access engine.

    Also, you can get a free demo from one of our experts to get a better understanding of our connectivity platform TeamViewer Tensor here: Tensor trial 

    You can also find very interesting information regarding Security and TeamViewer in our Trust Center.

    Please also note, that an exclusive TeamViewer Tensor Community board is included in your license where you can post all your questions and get support from our engineers. 

    I hope this could help. ?

    If not, do not hesitate to ask your questions here. ?

    Stay safe and sane! ?


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