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Scammer question

Hello, I was searching the forums and think I know the answer to this issue, but wanted to ask the community to be sure.  My wife was logging into paypal via what ended up being a scam knockoff website of the real paypal login page.  It said her account was locked for security reasons and to call a number.  She did so, and the fuzzy voice with a poor connection convinced her to install teamviewer on her phone to "guide her through" the issue to resolve.  She did so, and gave him access to view her phone.  She figured out it was a scam when he told her to go into her banking.  She hung up without putting any confidential info on her screen and uninstalled teamviewer.  During the call, she didn't see anything happening on her phone other than what she was directly doing, so no apps installed, accessed, etc.  She was using an iphone 11 pro max if this is relevant, and got the teamviewer app from the apple store.  She was also on secure wifi.  I wanted to make sure that the scammer doesn't still have any access to her phone, and if there is a way to check to see if anything malicious could have been done during that call that she couldn't see happening.  I did install ATT's Mobile Security app on her phone (our cell provider), and it only flagged to change her email password from something that happened in 2019, and to update her iOs.  Thx in advance for any response!