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iPad broadcast stops when changing apps

I have TeamViewQS installed on an iPad (iOS 14.1).  I can establish a connection to it from my PC, and can start a broadcast from the iPad and see the screen on my PC.  The first app that I open after starting the broadcast works perfectly.  I can see everything that happens on my PC, for as long as the app is open.  If I click on the home button, my PC reflects the change without issue.  As soon as I open a different app, however, the broadcast instantly stops.  After a short wait, I am given the option on the iPad to start the broadcast, at which time the issue repeats.  Is there anything that I can do to ensure that the broadcast remains throughout the entire session?  I am trying to find a good way to assist an elderly family member who is not living nearby.


  • Mer-et-Mac
    Mer-et-Mac Posts: 2 ✭✭

    Same thing here with a Mac base Teamviewer from November 2020. Got a ticket still going on January 25 2021. Seem to be related to Apple on IOS 14 Teamviewer said. As soon as another app is open on the targeted IOS device, Teamviewer MDS go with a «non-authorized» windows.