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[Another] Authentication Regjected

I manage a number of computers.  Only one has this problem.  Here is the syptom:

From the local computer I connect to this remote computer as one would expect.  Do my work and disconnect by closing the window on the local computer.  The next time I try to access this computer I get the Authentication Rejected error.  (I have the ability to remotely reboot this computer, having painfully set up the ability to do so.)

But, if, after doing my work, I exit TV on the remote computer, the next time I try to access it, I can.

Both computers are running windows 10 and TV 12.0.78716.(free license)

The remote computer is running at 99% CPU.  The remote computer is a Windows 7 that was updated to Windows 10 and the update and subsequent updates did not go so well.

I have two guesses as to the problem.  Some sort of timeout does not get resolved or there is a configuation issue.




Processor & Memory
Processor: AMD E1-1200 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics
Physical memory: 8 GiB

Operating system
Name: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Version: 10.0.15063
Service pack:

C: 252.89 GiB NTFS - 209.68 GiB free
D: 25.47 GiB NTFS - 23.03 GiB free

Network card
Name: Qualcomm Atheros AR9285 Wireless Network Adapter
Subnet mask:
Standard gateway:
Bandwidth: 97.50 Mbit/s

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