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How do disable email address being saved in the login field

Hey everyone, 

I'm sure it's a simple setting somewhere, but I've searched everywhere and I can't find it. After I sign out of the TeamViewer client, my email address is still in the field. If I clear it out and close TeamViewer, it's there again when I reopen. Even after powering the computer down completely, it will still be there next time I power on and start TeamViewer. 

I don't have "Keep Me Signed In" checked, and I can't find any setting to turn of remembering login, or to clear cookies/cache. I am on the latest version of TeamViewer, and it does it on both Windows and Mac. I sometimes have to log in to devices at work that are not mine, and I would like to have my email address not appear if someone else opens TeamViewer. 

Please let me know if there is a way to disable this, other than uninstalling TeamViewer every time I am finished. 

Thank you.