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Need to update remotely from version 11

I have a Raspberry Pi running at a house in France which I have not been able to visit for a year because of Covid. I started getting messages when I connected to say that I needed to update from Version 11 or I could lose conectivity. This was at a time when I was only getting a connection for around 30 seconds before Teamviewer timed out, so the update was impossible. Now when I try to connect I see the Pi online, but I get a message saying I cannot connect because it is running version 11. There is no one over there that I can get to the update. Is there anyway around this?  For example there was a suggestion that I could downgrade my home computer to version 11, would that work?




  • pudderz
    pudderz Posts: 4 ✭✭

    I just tried installing Teamvierwer 11 on an old laptop and trying a connection. Still says blocked becausee remote is using old version. So I guess it it being blocked centrally. Any other suggestions welcomed.