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Team Viewer MacOS keeps installing

Hi all,

Some time ago I uninstalled TeamViewer on my MBP (now running 11.0.1). However, after a while TV suddenly popped up an install window without any action from me. I noticed the application was back in the application folder. Since then I've tried several different things, but TV keeps reinstalling itself and launching the installer window.
I've: installed TV again and used its own uninstall option - no luck, I've manually removed the app, the plists, etc as per TV instructions - no luck, I've used my CleanMyMac that also removes an app bundle - no luck and I've done a complete manual uninstall using the Activity Monitor to see what is running when the installer pops up and the Terminal to erase anything with TeamViewer in the name. Again no luck.
As I'm typing this a TeamViewer window is active asking me to install the app again.

Can someone help me to remove TV permanently from my computer?



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