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Did not receive Email to authorize trust device

Hi Team, 

I am having 5 users who are not receiving the email for authorizing a trusted device.  I have consulted the "What is “Trusted Devices” for your TeamViewer account?" article but we did not receive any email.  Our IT team has whitelisted the email address  * on our server but I still cannot receive any email.

May I know if there are any other ways that I can authorize a trusted device without email?  We have paid for the license last week but hasn't been able to use it until now.

Thank you very much!



  • It looks like the remote access license is created with a loophole in there that one can pay for the license and no way to submit a ticket for support because only users with an activated license can create a ticket.  Is Teamviewer working on any other ways to allow paid users to access the activation link?