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Blank screen and blank/empty applications

HI all

I am using teamviewer to connect from work computer to home and vice versa. 

1- When i connect to my home computer the whole screen goes black. Everything disappears. I then have to maximise, then window the team viewer remote window and only then does my login screen to my home computer appear. I can then proceed as normal. 

2- I have just installed a new steam app- and when this loads on my home computer the application window is completely black. No amount of resizing fixes it. Its definately loaded and I can click on options, but nothing is visibile. 

I've tried, changing resolutions, changing options to speed rather than quality and I have tried disabling hardware accellation on both ends. 

Can anyone help?

On the work end- i have dual screen 1080p monitors and home PC has single screen 1080p monitor.

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