Add-On for RCA Maven Pro


I bough an Android tablet, the RCA Maven Pro for my parents and I would like to be able to help them remotely. (they are not very tech savvy)

I installed Quick support app to remote control . I can connect to the tablet and see ram and processor % used, battery level and temperature, make and model etc. but when I click on remote control it tell me to install an available add-on, but it is not found in Play.

Also when I open the QS app it tell me an add-on is available, but when I click on download it is not found.

Same after connecting to it, I get a "Downloading add-on, followed by failed to download add-on.

Is there a compatible add-on I can use for this tablet running on Android  5.0 (Lollipop) ?

It is an RCA Maven PRO, and when connected it indicates the following Manufacturer: Alco, Model: RCT6213W87DK

Any help is greatly appreciated.