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Hi all, I am trying to supply remote support for my father-in-law who has a Doro 8050. It has Teamviewer Remote Assistance built-in and Doro themselves are able to connect and control the phone. I have a licenced copy of ov TV ver 10 but if I try to connect I am prompted to add a Remote Assistance licence which I am reluctant to do for a 'one off' situation. I can see that the remote user  has indeed logged on. My solution therefore was to download and install v15 on a seperate machine (I have tried this on both Mac OS 15 and Win 10) but when I try to connect I get a message saying that the remote version of TV older than the one I am using and that the remote user should update. As I understand it TV is backwards compatible for such support and I am reluctant to do the upgrade as this may mean that Doro themselves will not be able to connect as I understand they use v10. As I said I have tried different OSs, different wireless access points and even used my own phone as a hotspot to eliminate my office network altogether. Help!


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    My mothers DORO 8080 came with builtin TV 14.2.xxxx. TeamViewer 14.7 cannot connect because of yes... old version on phone. TV Quick on phone cannot be updatet as it is "built in" so problem still exist... gues it is DOROs problem...

  • Hi,

    I've just run into the same problem on a Doro 8080 I'm trying to setup for my father.

    Did you get any joy out of Doro ?