Wake on LAN does not work for me.

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I am trying to wake a Dell 7040M running Win 10 Pro on my home network. I have followed the instructions in section 5.2, Wake on LAN using a TeamViewer ID in the Network, of the Wake on LAN manual. The steps I have followed are:

  1. Enabled Wake on LAN in the BIOS.
  2. Enabled Wake on LAN on the wired network adapter.
  3. Launched TeamViewer on the Dell 7040M and opened the Extras > Options > Wake on LAN dislog box.
  4. Selected the TeamViewer IDs within your network radio button.
  5. Entered the TeamViewer ID shown in TeamViewer on my laptop Win 10 Pro PC and clicked the Add button to save the TeamViewer ID and clicked OK to close the dialog.
  6. Shutdown the Dell 7040M.
  7. In TeamViewer on my laptop I select the off-line Dell 7040M and click the Wake Up button.
  8. Nothing happens. The Dell 7040M does not power on.

I must be missing something but I do not know what. Thanks for any help.


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  • MXMasterNL
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    Not only did this fix the problem, I have been able to solve some very long running "TeamViewer WOL not working" problems using this, at different clients.

    I can confirm this problem doesn't only affect Dell PC's but also other brands. Most newer Intel based systems seem to have this deep sleep function builtin the BIOS, and enabled by default.

    Why TeamViewer doesn't include this in the TeamViewer WOL manual is beyond me. First time I encountered is was back in 2019.

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