Can't control remote Win10 system; some remote programs are unresponsive

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When accessing the remote TV system (Win10) using a Win7 control system, certain programs (specifically MS Edge, and Firefox 55.0b11) will appear frozen in TV, though they are fully functional when accessed directly from the remote system.  The entire system isn't frozen; only these programs (though I haven't tested other programs).  I can unfreeze them by closing them (remotely, by closing the window via the task bar ... or by using "end task" via Task Manager, etc.), and then opening them again.  Once re-opened, they will stay functional for a while.

Often, Firefox will appear (when accessed remotely) as a blank, white screen.  On the remote system, it is fully active, however.

The Win10 remote system OS appears to remain fully functional at all times (when operated remotely); it is only Edge and Firefox that are problematic when operated remotely (though I haven't tested other programs).

This problem started in the last 3 months, a period in which I was traveling (and not using TeamViewer).  It didn't occur prior to April 1, 2017, and has been occuring consistently since July 2, 2017 (notwithstanding upgrades of Win10, Win7, TeamViewer, Firefox, etc.)

My TV remote system is running Windows 10 Pro; version 1703, build 15063.483, and TV version 12.0.80984.

My TV local system is running Windows 7 Ultimate, SP1, fully-patched, and TV version 12.0.80984.

I assume that this is actually a bug in the TV software, but since I'm on a free license, I'm not entitled to any support.

Comments?  Solutions?