Nvidia Shield -Teamviewer stops applications when starting host

I have TeamViewer noncommercial Iicense and just set host on Nvidia Shield for nonattended access. I noticed that when connecting to Nvidia Shield with application running on-screen, Teamviewer shows its UI for brief moment and stops application running while Shield returns to the initial screen. I would take it as a fact of life but I have another standard Linux TV box with Android 10 and to my surprise it does not exhibit such behavior, on it when starting host all applications are running smoothly. Now I wonder what might be the reason for the Shield: I made something wrong when setting up, Shield is not properly configured, is this unfortunate specifics of the Shield or TeamViewer has a problem? I would appreciate receiving hoepfully positive explanation for this since otherwise TeamViewer for Shield is an excellent tool since I do not need remote control of screen actions, just running in the background with file transfers.