TeamViewer QuickSupport for Motorola Devices is Here!

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We’ve added Motorola to our list of supported manufacturers for QuickSupport and Host on Android.

You requested – we answered: TeamViewer QuickSupport and Host Apps are now available for Android devices manufactured by Motorola.

We’re happy to welcome Motorola on our list of supported manufacturers and expand upon what we can proudly say is the most comprehensive coverage of Android devices on the remote control market.

Because we know how important it is for remote supporters to have access to as many different devices as possible, we’re always working to broaden our range.

For example, Motorola’s global market share for mobile devices was 4.9% in 2016. Or in other words that’s the size of a new potential target group for remote supporters worldwide!

Let’s take a look at how you can interact with Android devices through the TeamViewer QuickSupport app.

Using the TeamViewer QuickSupport and Host App to Access Android Devices

Our QuickSupport and Host apps for Android devices by various manufacturers offer extensive control over the supported device.

A supporter can access it either from a computer or through a mobile to mobile connection to remotely control and browse through the Android device as if they were holding it in their own hands.

Additionally, you’ve got the following features at your disposal:

  • TeamViewer Chat
  • Show device information
  • File Transfers
  • List and uninstall apps
  • List and end processes
  • Push and pull wi-fi settings
  • Show system log
  • Real-time screenshots
  • Copy information into the device’s cache

Motorola Users Will Love Their New Tech Support

So there it is: Motorola users can finally harness the dexterity of IT experts whose weapon of choice is TeamViewer. And simultaneously, you as the aforementioned IT experts won a bunch of potential customers.

I guess that’s what you call a win-win situation!

Which manufacturer are you still missing in our catalogue? Be welcome to make your suggestions in the comment section below!

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  • jyarce
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    I have 2 Motorola Moto X, one of them allows me for remote control but not the other one, how can I fix that?

  • ConAir
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    I have a Moto C Plus (2017) and a Moto E4 (2017) neither Work with Teamviewer.

    I am currently evaluating phones and a remote support package to use when rolling out around 70 Handsets. The requirement is unattended remote control. I have purchased 2 handsets, both of which (according to your text above, should be supported)

    To summarise the device details

    Moto C Plus - Android 7.0

    Moto E4 - Android 7.1.1

    Motorola’s global market share for mobile devices was 4.9% in 2016, can you please either give more information on device compatibility or provide a list of known supported models.

    My previous experience of using teamviewer required root on the android device, this now seems to be removed. given that it has been removed, surely your in-house development team has some idea of the which devices/software versions will work.

    Please, either give an update on the development for Motorola support or provide a comprehensive list of supported devices.


  • Esther
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    HI @ConAir
    Thank you for your message. The motorola addone needs android version 7.1.1 to work, this is a limitation imposed by the device manufacturer. Also Rooted devices are not supported for our applications. I hope this post will also help you: Re: MOTO G All the best, Esther

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  • ConAir
    ConAir Posts: 4

    Hi Esther,


    Thanks for the quick response. It still confuses the problem however. The E4 is running 7.1.1, but it still does not function as it should. 

    Do you have a list of devices that are expected to work?


  • Esther
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     Hi @ConAir

    I unfortunately do not have a list of devices, but I was checking the case a bit and found this information from Constantin (who is in contact with Motorola) in a thread about this topic: Re: Can view but Can't control Motorola phone with QucikSupport Are you located in the US? I hope that helps. Best, Esther

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  • Hi Everyone,

    I spoke to Teamviewer today about the Mobile Add on. I mentioned that I was a business user but also used a personal non-commercial Teamviewer account to assist my Mum occasionally with her computer as she has Parkinson's disease and suffers from hand tremors. They told me I could use the mobile add-on on this non-commercial account and I thought wow this is great. I looked at the supported devices and ordered a Moto G5S Plus phone for her as a Christmas present thinking that I would be able to help her with this using Teamviewer when needed. The phone will arrive tomorrow. A few hours later, I came across this blog after I had ordered the phone. So now that it appears that because this and most Moto models use Android 7.0 the remote support element of the add-on won't work anyway, which wasn't mentioned in Teamviewer's PR. Very disappointing. There also appears to be no news looking at Motos Forum's of when they will be releasing new versions of Android to their devices. People have been complaining about this for 6 months now.

  • Further to my last post. Motorola is reporting on their blog that most of their recent models will be updated to Oreo this fall / winter. I guess we'll see if it happens and hopefully this will resolve the Teamviewer quicksupport issue. 

  • Hello!
    We have a Motorola MC36 data collection terminal (Android 4.4.2), but when we installed TeamViewer Host, the screen control function of the device is inactive. This is a very common device, could you do support for it?

  • Windows 10 connecting to a Motorolla X8 Android (Droid Mini).
    The only things I see are Dashboard, Screenshot, Apps, Processes Settings, File Transfer.
    There is No [Remote Control] on here.

    I have installed, Quick Support / Host

    Why is it that I am unable to view the remote control?

  • Lets try it ???

  • Good day.

    I'm running a Moto G5 Plus.

    I can't seem to be able to get remote control even though I've activated the Device Admin option for TeamViewer Host.

    Only screen sharing capabilities available ...

    My Android Ver. is 7.0, but it seem to be the latest ver.

    Is there an option to send system report from the app directly ?

    Also, it is NOT rooted so I don't know how come it doesnt let me control the phone.

    What motorola Devices do you support ?



  • I don't know if Team Viewer knows this, but these programs by Team Viewer are essential for many people with disabilities. I have muscular dystrophy and I cannot move my arms so I use voice dictation on my laptop. When a sore caused by sitting maybe have to be in bad most of my day. I had to use a tablet holder for my tablet could see the computer while laying down. Team viewer is a lifesaver. I also connected my phone using something called asus pc link so I can see my zenfone 2. So the tablet sees my computer screen that has my phone screen on it. I'm a tech person so I would also use team viewer quick support on my mother's blu life one x2 to help her with her android phone. Now, we both have new phones I have moto z4 and my mother has a blu G9. Of course PC link doesn't work for my Moto z4. Using Team Viewer quick support does the following. When I type in the ID from your phone on my laptop and it connects. A dialog says I have to change a setting. There is a link called go to setting or there is cancel. Go to setting cancels my connection, cancel cancels my connection. I go to the main settings to turn on remote control. In the past some smart phones of friends that also help needed an add-on app and some didn't. I cannot find an add-on app for Moto or Blu or a general add-on app. Now team viewer doesn't let people for personal use e-mail them I seem to be out of luck. They used to for phones almost a decade ago. And they have helped.. They're also be nice if they are links to all of the add-ons for quick support listed on the website.

  • As described above team viewer is very important for the disability Community. I also indicated it does not work with the moto z4 which came out 2019. It has android 9. The quick support app installs, but every time I try to use it for remote control it says I must turn on the remote control setting. Every time I try setting goes away. Does anyone know what to do or which add on app works with Motorola please let me know? For now, I am using something called Vysor Pro which works OK. I still want to know how to make Team Viewer work on my new moto z4. It doesn't work on blu products phones and it used to. Too bad they don't have support for personal users like they used to at team viewer. Motorola was no help. I'm surprised team viewer and Motorola didn't work together on this. I'd be willing to pay $20.00 a year for this product. 

  • Motorola One Action: can´t allow the default access permission for  QuickSupport. When I click on that notification nothing happens.

  • I have a moto g7 supra and QS does not work. I have  used TV on many moto g4 and g5, but looks like android 9 has broken it. please update!

  • BatesIT
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    It's now Dec 10th, 2019 and still no fix, not even updated info, on  Host & QuickSupport Remote Control feature not working on Motorola devices with Android 9.  Tvr (teamviewer) claims your engineers identified the issue back in April, and I know I reached out to Teamviewer Support via email and told them exactly what was happening, where the Special Permissions box had gone w/Android 9, and that we had Samsungs and Kyoceras with Android 9 with no issues so it was Moto specific, back in January!  Plus there are tons of posts on the Tvr community sites with plenty more people giving you the same info.  Yet it supposedly takes three more months for your engineers to “identify” the issue (as stated in a post by "Alena", a Teamviewer Community moderator, in April), and eight months after that there’s still no progress just the same "we're waiting on Motorola" repeats you kept giving us in 2016-17 when we were asking for Moto control in the first place!  This is totally unacceptable for a product you keep charging thousands of dollars for and also when you continue to keep Motorola/Lenovo on your "compatible" Android devices list.  We should all sue you for false advertising if nothing else!  If your engineers are this incompetent and this slow you need to fire them or at least demote them and find better/more motivated ones who don't just keep using scapegoats.  If they're not this slow then please stop lying and admit Tvr just doesn't care at all about anything but $$$$ and that when we all agree to pay $4000-$10000 for the future Teamviewer "16" or "17" licenses then we'll get the remote control back, just like you did with Teamviewer ~11 and Android-Moto remote control originally.  All the money we spend on this product and we can't support 50% of our clients becausethe product has only worked properly 1.5 years out of 4+years?!

  • I have a motorola Z4 and am trying to use it on my Oneplus 7pro. But it won't let me have access to motorola. but motorola does have access to my OnePlus 7. How should I proceed to use your app?

  • Seems the Motorola is still not entirely supported. Moto G8 Power on Android 9 only supports screen sharing, but not the control.

  • Bunrthaler
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    Just bought a Motorola e7i and fail miserably in getting quick support nor Host to work. In quicksupport I can chat but not remote control.

    Host fails in the startup because it requires to display over other apps which is permission which I cannot give (the feature is disabled).

    How can I get it to work?

  • Whitedavidp
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    Looks like Esther edited the first post in this thread June 2021. Is that true? Or is this the date of the last post from Bunrthaler? I need to get a new phone. I REALLY need it to support TV! I need it to have full remote control via quicksupport and host. Which current (2023) Moto phones support this? I also see the Motorola name in this list <>. But I do NOT see a Motorola addon in Play Store. It MIGHT use the "universal" addon but that isn't clear either.

    Can someone please confirm what is happening with this and do so soon? Thanks!