Feature Request - Improve audity, report and control for no logged sessions

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I have a suggestion to improve the contol and security. I always receive this kind of question from some customers here in Brazil then I´d like to present my suggestion.

The situation

  • Customer use Allow list policy to restrict the access to his managed devices to only his team members, avoiding external access or unauthorized access
  • This customer use Teamviewer Remote conection to other devices (outside his company) for example their customers. Then Allow policy does not works in this case

The problem

  • Some of the users from Service Desk or services departament not always are logged in and connect to remote sessions using Teamviewer ID and password
  • This connections are not logged to Teamviewer Report in the management console
  • If I am not wrong this connections are local only logged in the log file "TeamViewer15_Logfile.log" and this cause a problem regarding audit

Feature Request

  • In the policies create an option to only allow outside remote conections if the user is logged

With this feature considering an enterprise enviroment we can create a custom package of the teamviewer full client with an integrated policy to deploy to the technical/users staff



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