Upgrading remotely from Quicksupport V12 or earlier to latest version of Custom Host Module

The majority of our customers previously were running QuickSupport on their systems, anywhere from Version 9 to 12. Due to security issues, we have been required to update our customers, as we connect to them, to the latest version of our Customized Host Module V15.13. We are using the the option under Files & Extras to install the Host Module remotely. The issue we are having, is that if the customer was running V12 QS, the version of Host that it installs is V12. This forces us to go back in and upgrade the Host module again, but during the second upgrade process, it gives us on the option to install 15.2 or 12. We then need to run the upgrade option once again to get it to V15.13.

Why won't it just install the latest version of Host the first time, instead of running it 3 times?

Also, we need to run Host similar to QS, so we set a policy to not close to the system tray, so there is no option in the Host Module to simply upgrade to the latest version. However, when I tested trying to upgrade from the System tray, still same results as it only gives an option to upgrade to V15.2 first.