Upgraded to Big Sur and now Teamviewer stuck on "connecting"


Teamviewer was working fine until I updated my OS to Big Sur. Now when I click "connect", the caption at the bottoms reads "connecting" for a while, before reverting to "Ready to connect (secure connection)"

I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling teamviewer, but the same issue persists!



  • theterman
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    I have the same issue. I upgraded 3 iMacs to Big Sur, and Teamviewer shows they are up and running, but when I try to connect, it just sits there saying "connecting" and disappears. This is a major problem for me as I do consulting and I can't be driving 150 miles because I can't work on an iMac remotely every time there is a problem. Teamviewer needs to fix this.

  • Dr_Tron
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    Same problem here, [removed by a moderator due to Community Guidelines] works fine, must switch my 30 servers to [removed by a moderator due to Community Guidelines]

  • Waqar_13100
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    Same problem for me on Mac 11.2.2 what a waste of money